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Applique Pressing Sheet 13 x 17

This  13" x 17" see-thru pressing sheet allows you to position your fabric pieces where you want them, then press over the sheet.  Adhesives won't stick to your iron!  Can be used for Fusing Applique, Pressing Cloth, Craft Sheet, Painting Surface, Ironing Board Protector, Craft Baking Sheet. Reusable double-sided sheet is made from ultra high temperature glass, it's non-stick surface coated with Polylon™.  

This reusable, double-sided, multi-purpose craft sheet is made from ultra high temperature glass coated with non-stick Polyon. Use for applying appliques, as pressing cloth and for heat setting. Promotes even heat and keeps colors from bleeding together. Easy-to-clean surface for hot glue guns, glue melts, wax designs, kids projects and more.