Batting - Quilters Dream Blend

There are two types of Quilters Dream Blend.  The 70/30 is only available in natural.  The 80/20 is available in white, natural and pink.

Quilters Dream Blend for Machines is 70% Cotton blended with 30% Fine Denier Poly Microfibers creating the perfect batting especially developed for machine quilting. The highest grade of USA cleaned natural cotton is blended with silky fine denier polyester microfibers. These perfectly blended fibers are carded and crosslapped for a smooth consistent web that is layered on to a light scrim and specially needlepunched.

Dream Blend for Machines is made with the same distinctive quality, cleanliness and consistency that has made Quilters Dream Batting the one you can always count on! Made with pride in the USA. 

Five Ingredients of Dream Blend for Machines:

* Natural Cotton - the highest grades of upland USA natural cotton,  cleaned to eliminate any remaining seed or leaf particles.
* Polyester Microfibers - Fine silky fibers allow easier washability, quicker drying and reduced shrinkage.
* Ultralight Polyproplyene Scrim - an ultralight thin base that the cotton/poly fibers are needlepunched through. This base adds a layer of stabilized strength that allows the extra "tug" or "pull" and helps reduce any "hand prints", stretch or puckering as you are working with the batting. 
* Special processing - the fine denier poly and cleaned cotton fibers are opened, combed, blended and carded twice. This is layered with the scrim and specially needlepunched using thousands of sawlike needes that interlace the fibers through the soft scrim base.
* Commitment to Excellence and Quality Control. - Quilters Dream products are hand-cut and carefully inspected by our "Dream" team.

* May be machine washed and dried with minimal shrinkage. Do not use commercial dryers or irons - the scrim melts at 250F.

* Stitches may be up to 12" apart.   Easy to quilt.

* Excellent for long and short arm machine quilting.  Can also be tied.


Quilters Dream 80/20 is the perfect Blend of 80% Bleached Dream Cotton and 20% Dream Poly fine denier microfibers.  Available in white and natural.  USA high grade long staple cotton fibers blended with silky fine denier poly microfibers.  Fine denier microfibers pair perfectly with Dream Cotton Microfibers imitate the softness and breathability of natural fibers, help resist wrinkles, reduce shrinkage and add a touch of volume. The proprietary blended fibers are specially carded, crosslapped & needlepunched for strength, consistency, and a beautiful soft drape.

* No resins, scrim or binders.

* Stitch as closely as you would like or up to 8" apart, perfect for all quilts and quilted projects

* Hand & machine needles glide easily through this soft batt

* Your finished quilt may be gently machine washed & dried using cool settings

* No need to pre-wash. Minimal shrinkage

* Made with pride in the USA

* You will love the exceptional quality, ease of quilting and beautiful results


Quilters Dream 80/20 Pink - natural cotton fibers are blended with luscious fine denier pink poly microfibers.  The blended fibers are specially carded, cross lapped and needle punched to ensure strength, consistency and a beautiful drape for the ultimate 80/20 quilt batting.

* Finished quilt may be machine washed and dried using delicate cool settings.

* You may stitch up to 8" apart or as closely as you would like for great freedom of design.

* Our exclusive pink fibers are extruded pink so the color will not run or bleed. These fine denier fibers are then cut to be extra long adding exceptional strength and stability while remaining unbelievably soft. A lovely pink 'blush' may show through light fabrics.

* Minimal shrinkage. No prewashing suggested.

* Available in Select mid-loft weight.

* You will be 'tickled pink' by how easily your hand and machine needles glide through Quilters Dream Pink Batting!

* 10% of all sales will are donated to metastatic breast cancer research.