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Secrets of a Quilt Shop

Yes, we have secrets! Here are a few of them:

  • Would you like a class just for you? We need a minimum of two people to schedule a class. Call a friend and set a date with us!
  • See us at the show! 
  • Have you been in our bathroom lately? There are secrets in there... (but no, not clues to a mystery quilt or the map to a buried treasure.)
  • We have more than one page of pictures.

Click on the thumbnails to see these quilts customers brought in to show us!
Linda Johnson send us this picture with this story:

"This is a picture of a quilt that I put together and quilted for a lady at church who is fondly called Grannie Smith, she is in her 80's and loved by everyone, the children were given the squares to do what they liked, then I took the squares and ribbon and put the backing on and used the ribbons they had, was a challenge because the squares weren't all the same and I hated to take anything away, when she was given the quilt she was so surprised that we would all do this for her, she keeps it with her now. It was made with love from all who worked on it."