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Quilt Rulers for Rotary Cutting

This is a listing of all the rulers we sell on one LONG page. If you would prefer to look through the rulers by brand, click on one of the links to the right.

Do you have trouble with your rulers slipping when you cut?  Try using Invisigrip, Clear Fabric Grabbers or Glowline Tape on the back of the ruler.  The Little Gripper is just perfect for small rulers  and rotating cutting mats.

Q-Tools will help you position your fabric under the ruler perfectly every time. Visit our Handy Helpers page for more information.

Do you need a ruler with 1/8" markings?  We don't carry them, but you can order one at Six Gables Designs.

To order, click on the hyperlinked item name which is underlined in the description. This will take you to our shopping cart where you can enter your zip code or country for an estimate of shipping.  Please note this is only an estimate. We always try to ship using the safest and most economical method possible.

We accept American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and Paypal. Questions? Visit our Help Desk, call 888-817-6577, fax 518-875-9401 or E-mail Kris

Mouseover the pictures below to see them up close.

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Pineapple Trim Ruler

Create perfect 6in, 8in or 10 in finished pineapple blocks by squaring up each round of strips as you go. Since each round of strips is squared up before the next set is added, the blocks are perfectly square. Our exclusive embedded gripper holds fabric while cutting when pressure is added.

Whirligig Tool

This ruler is great for 5" nickel squares!  Includes Charming Bow Table Runner Pattern.  Order the Whirligig Creative Grid Ruler for  $14.45

VideoWatch a video here: how to use the Whirligig Ruler

Log Cabin Creative Grid Tool

Create perfect Log Cabin, Half-Log Cabin & Courthouse Steps blocks by squaring up each round of logs as you go. Since each round of logs is squared up before the next set is added, the results are spectacular. Our exclusive embedded gripper holds fabric while cutting when pressure is applied.

Learn more about how to use the Log Cabin Ruler

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

  • Order the 11½" sq. Click here for  $21.45

Creative Grid Ruler


Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Ruler

Creative Grid Spider Web Block

This double duty ruler creates a variety of blocks using 3in to 10in strips or strata widths. Once you have the triangles cut, reposition the ruler to cut the background kite & or corner shapes. Depending on light & dark fabric placement, finished blocks resemble a spider web or a 4 pieced star.

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Companion Angle Ruler

Companion Angle by Darlene Zimmerman is one of the easiest and best ways to make triangles from 1" to 10" with the grain on the long edge.  Cut trapezoids of many sizes.  Cuts half block triangles for small blocks set on point. 

Easy Angle Rulers in three sizes

Easy Angle Rulers by Sharon Hultgren

How to use the Easy Angle Ruler, Step OneThis ruler is designed to be used for half square triangles. Lay it over a strip of fabric (matching the line on the ruler) to cut your first triangle (the picture thumbnail to the left). Then flip it to cut the second one (the picture thumbnail to the right). The numbers along the side of the ruler give the size of the HST you will make using each of the strip sizes shown. Fast - Accurate!

 How to use the Easy Angle Ruler, Step TwoTriangles can now be cut from the same strips used for squares. You can even use the lines on this ruler to cut the squares. Built in 1/4" seam allowance.  These rulers cover all the bases. They're thick and sturdy, so they'll stand up to years of wear. Cut triangles, squares, and attic window shapes all from the same strip of fabric.  

Three sizes:

Easy Rule Jr

The Easy Rule Jr measures 3 1/2" x 9".  Use for cutting strips, squares, borders and for squaring blocks 45º and 60º lines for mitering corners and cutting triangles.  Lines and numbers are easy to read.

Easy Rule Ruler

The Easy Rule II measures 6 1/2" x 24" to reach across the entire width of folded fabric.  Marked at 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8" intervals 45º and 60º lines for mitering corners and cutting triangles. Lines and numbers are easy to read.

Easy Square Jr by Sharon Hultgren

The Easy Square Jr is great to square blocks up to 6".  Marked with 45º angle lines.  Big numbers, easier to see with a built in 1/4" seam allowance.

Roll N Ruler

Roll N Ruler

The 12" long Pro-Style Roll N Ruler replaces your protractor, compass, ruler, triangles, T-Square, ellipse template, French curves and parallel ruler. This all in one tool is easy to use for both right and left handed quilters.   Metric & Standard 1/4 - 1/8 - 1/10 scales.  The box  includes instructions and tips for use.   No Fault Lifetime Guarantee.


TriRecs ToolTri-Recs Tool

The Tri-Recs Tools are two handy tools that will make cutting a 60 degree triangle or divided rectangles a breeze. Cuts many sizes of triangles and divided rectangles from even size strips of fabric. The cut-off "Magic Angle" and built in 1/4" seam allowance makes it easy to align and sew accurately.

Clear Fabric Grabbers

Clear Fabric Grabbers.  Make your acrylic tools and rulers non-slip! Clear fabric grabbers stick on any acrylic tool to prevent slippage. Made of a semi-sticky, transparent plastic for a better grip than the sandpaper-like fabric grippers. 25 In a package. Peel off backing.

Sandpaper GripsSandpaper Grips

36ct small, fine, adhesive sandpaper circles. Applied to the corners of rulers to hold firmly in place when rotary cutting. Also hold templates when marking seam allowances on fabric.

Order Sandpaper Grips for $3.49.

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Stack N Whack Ruler

Stack N Whack Ruler
Easily cut wedges for the Magic Stack-n-Whack(tm) Quilts Diamond Ring Designs and other blocks of this construction.   Includes instructions for use and pattern shown. Not sure how to use this ruler?  Take the tutorial.

Order Stack N Whack Ruler for $18.00

Stack N Whack 18deg Fan Ruler

Stack-N-Whack 18deg Fan Ruler
Use to cut 18deg wedges for fan and circle designs. 9" acrylic ruler makes 5" to 12" fan blocks. May also be used for Dresden Plate and other wedge designs. Includes pattern for "Bow Tie Fans" quilt.  Not sure how to use this ruler?  Take the tutorial.

Marti Michell Flying Geese Ruler

Flying Geese Ruler

Easily cut both triangles for Flying Geese units in 5 sizes with this ruler! It makes Flying Geese Blocks 2 1/2" by 5", 3" by 6", 3 1/2" by 7", 4" by 8" and 4 1/2" by 9".  Instructions come with the ruler. Just cut strips according to the widths marked on the ruler and align the ruler on the strips using the appropriate horizontal or vertical line to cut triangles. Nip the points using the ruler's special engineered corners for perfect sewing alignment. 

Marti Michell Log Cabin Ruler

This is a great log cabin ruler by Marti Michell. Makes calculating and cutting those log cabin strips a breeze. Ruler is marked with both a letter and the actual length in inches for each strip, just the lines you need, so there's no distraction, no confusion, no unnecessary information. Finished strip widths are 2:1, so you can cut strips from both sides to make Off-center Log Cabin blocks.

Each ruler comes with instructions for cutting strips the correct width and chain piecing blocks. We think you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to piece Log Cabin blocks from exact-size strips.  The ruler above is shown close-up so you can see some of the great advantages. Cut strip lengths are shown in the ovals; this is also the unfinished block size if you stop adding strips at a particular point.

Log Cabin Rulers from Marti Michell

Marti Michell Kaleido Ruler

Use the large ruler to make 6" to 16" blocks.

Companion Angle Ruler

This ruler measures the triangle on the side because the finished side is the only measurement that is common to all shapes in this family. Other triangle rulers on the market measure the height of the triangle from the center of the bottom to the top point.  Not sure how to use it?

Diagonal Set Ruler from Marti Michell

Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler  One multi-size ruler offers a no-math solution for cutting both the corner triangles and the larger setting triangles that are needed when patchwork blocks are set on point. Available in two sizes, each ruler is small enough to handle easily and large enough to get the job done.

The small ruler is perfect for small quilts, many border designs and even many square-in-a-square designs.  These rulers are marked in 1/2-inch increments by the finished block size. Because corner and setting triangles are often odd measurements, it is easier to use the ruler to measure and cut the strip than to try to find the exact place on a rotary cutting ruler.

My Favorite Ruler form Marti Michell

My Favorite 6 1/2" Square Up Ruler
Gridded using the same symbols as our large rulers, but also with a shadow that follows every inch mark, turns a corner and connections, making it easy to see squares. There is one 45-degree diagonal line to help square up half-square triangle units. The last 1/4-inch is great for checking seam allowance.

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Omngrid Square Ruler
Omnigrid Rectangular Ruler

Right Triangle Ruler

The Omnigrid 96 and 98

This ruler uses strips the size of the finished block to cut the triangles.  Just layer a light and dark strip right sides together and use the ruler to cut out triangles. The 1/4" seam allowance is already calculated for you.  For example, to make 2 1/2" HSTs, you would use the 2" line.  Because of the blunt end on the ruler, your triangles will already have the "dog ear" cut off. This makes them easier to feed through the machine as the tiny triangle point doesn't get caught in the feed dogs. 

Omnigrid 98LMade from a durable, premium quality acrylic plastic and laser cut for a smooth edge that allows for easier, deeper cutting of fabric layers. The patented double line effect is printed in black and yellow which allows the user to see the grid on both dark and light fabrics. Designed for left and right handed users. The Omnigrid 98 (right) works the same way, but it cuts quarter square triangles. 

Omnigrid No Slip Neon Ruler
Omnigrid Ruler

Quilt-in-a-day 2020 Mini Flying Geese Ruler

Mini Ruler Set 
This set contains 2 Mini Flying Geese Rulers and a 2 1/2" Fussy Cut Ruler.  Mini Geese One is designed to make Flying Geese patches in two different finished sizes: 2" x 4" and 1" x 2".  Mini Geese Two is also designed to make two different finished sizes: 1 1/2" x 3" and 3/4" x 1 1/2".

How to Fussy Cut Watch the video on how to use the QIAD Flying Geese Rulers

Quilt-in-a-day 2001CC Six inch square up ruler

6" Square Up Ruler
Includes; 45° and 60° lines, 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", and 1" lines and 1/4" lines provided for seam allowance.

Quilt-in-a-day 2006CC Flying Geese Ruler (small)

Flying Geese Ruler Small
Ruler to aid in construction of flying geese blocks. Blocks can be trimmed quickly to 3" x 6" or 1 1/2" x 3" finished blocks. 3" x 6".  No measuring necessary! Just line up the triangle lines on the ruler with the 45° sewn lines and trim the block the size of the ruler.  Makes 1.5" x 3" as well as 3" x 6" geese patches.

Quilt-in-a-day Square Up Ruler

9 1/2" Square up Ruler is the perfect size for many projects.  This ruler size is convenient and easy to use and allows you to square up your blocks to just the right size.

Quilt-in-a-day Flying Geese Ruler (large)

Large Flying Geese ruler for Geese patches in the 2" x 4" and 4" x 8" sizes. Instructions included.

Quilt-in-a-day Quilt in a Day Ruler

Quilt-in-a-day 6"x24" Ruler

Handy size for cutting selvedge to selvedge

Quilt-in-a-day Fussy Cut Ruler Trio

Fussy Cut Trio Rulers
Just what you needed to perfectly center a design on your block. These rulers have no numbers, just a line to show the seam allowance and two diagonal lines.  The package contains three sizes, 3 1/2", 4 1/2" and 6 1/2".  

How to Fussy Cut
Click here for a video on how to Fussy Cut

Triangle Square Up Ruler
Make perfect half triangle squares and quarter triangle squares in sizes up to 9-1/2". Fully illustrated and detailed instructions are included. The ruler is marked in two colors for easy reading. Convenient 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 1" lines for precise measuring. The Ruler is made of heavy gauge acrylic and is laser precise. A hanging hole is provided for easy storage.


Quilt-in-a-day Scallops, Vines and Waves Ruler

Quilt-in-a-day 2019CC Scallops, Vines and Waves Template In designing the quilts for "Magic Vine Quilt" Eleanor developed a heavy gauge plastic template to make fancy finishes for her quilts. The template can be used to make a vine and leaves border, a waved edge, or a scalloped edge. A 16-page booklet is included with each template with instructions on its use. This template can be used with any quilt that you wish to dress up with a unique finish.  A handy ruler for making fancy finished edges on your quilts. 

How to Fussy CutWatch the video on how to use this ruler.  Yes, we carry the Chaco-Liner and Glowline tape shown.

Here is a downloadable tutorial on how to make Scalloped borders using this ruler, and how to finish those ends.

Quilt-in-a-day Quilt in a Day Ruler

Quilt-in-a-day 6"x12" Ruler

For squaring-up flying geese and triangle pieced squares...handy size for cutting short strips.  

Quilt-in-a-day Kaleidoscope Ruler

Kaleidoscope Ruler A triangular ruler to cut the pieces required for the 45° angles in the Kaleidoscope Quilt.

Quilt-in-a-day Triangle in a square Ruler

The Triangle in a Square package combines two rulers, a triangle and a square up, for cutting and trimming the Triangle in a Square patch. Instructions included.  

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Quilters Rule Ruler

Quilters Rule
Grid molded plastic ruler especially designed for use with the rotary cutter. Special features include 1/8" measuring lines, 45 Degree and 60 Degree lines, perpendicular measurements throughout. Molded for accuracy and fabric gripping action. 

Quilters Rule Ruler

Quilters Rule Jr
This is the perfect size ruler to take to class, or keep by your sewing machine.  With all the same features of the longer Quilters Ruler.

Quilters Rule Mini Square Ruler

Quilters Rule Mini Square


Quilters Rule Mini Rule

Quilters Rule Mini Rule


Sew on both sides of the bias lineAnother method of making half square triangles is to place two squares right side together, draw a line on the diagonal of the lighter square, then sew 1/4" from this line on both sides. Cut on the diagonal line and you will have two half square triangles. The squares you start out with should be 7/8" larger than the finished size of the final HST.  The Quick Quarter ruler (below) is made to help with this.  It is exactly 1/2" wide so you can draw the sewing line, and has slots in the center so you can draw the cutting line. The package includes full instructions on how to cut and make 1/2 square and 1/4 square blocks.

Quilters Rule Quick Quarter Guide

Quilters Rule Quick Quarter

Watch the video at Kayewoodtv.com Watch the video on how to use this ruler while making half square triangles using the traditional method.


Wonder Cut Ruler

The Wonder Cut Ruler is the ultimate ruler to use when making half-square triangles , or three-part squares, or even four-part squares perfect every time!  No paper to peel, no fabric points to get stuck in the feed dogs of your sewing machine, and best of all, no math to fuss with.  The Wonder Cut Ruler has all the math included in its exclusive design.  If you can sew a 1/4" seam, you can make a perfect half-square triangle every time.  Great for beginners! 

Use the lines on the long side of the ruler to cut strips, then sew the strips together the long way, making a tube. Use the diagonal lines on the corner of the ruler to cut triangles from this tube.  Open them up and you have HSTs.  Although this ruler produces half square triangle blocks which have the outer edge on the bias, the fact the seam is sewn on the straight of grain keeps the blocks stable.

For more details and quilt block ideas, visit the Wondercut Ruler website.  We also have a free pattern Aurora Borealis that uses this method. 

The Wonder Cut Ruler does wonderful things

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Cutting Edge Rulers Sharpen Your Blade as You Use It

Sharpen your rotary blade while you cut!


Cutting Edge Rulers Sharpen Your Blade as You Use It

Sharpen your rotary blade while you cut!

Cutting Edge Rulers Sharpen Your Blade as You Use It

Sharpen your rotary blade while you cut!

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Bias Square Rulers

Bias Squares
Designed by Nancy J Martin, these rulers allow you to quickly cut pieced triangles from sewn strips of fabric. Perfect for making fast-and-easy half-square triangles!  Available in these sizes:

Precision Trimmer 6

Precision Trimmer 6
Use this nifty, multi-purpose, 6 1/2" Rotary Cutting Ruler to: Make perfect 1 1/2", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2', 5 1/2" and 6 1/2" squares (These dimensions include seam allowances), center prints, piecing, and appliqué in each size of square, trim points for easy matching on 45 degree angle patches. 

Precision Trimmer 3

Precision Trimmer 3
Use this nifty, multi-purpose 3.5i" rotary cutting ruler to make perfect squares sizes 1.5in to 3.5in inches (including seam allowances; center prints, piecing and appliqué in each size of square; trim points for easy matching on a 45 degree angle.

Ultimate Point Trimmer Ruler

Ultimate Point Trimmer
Perfect your piecing, simplify your quilting and save your valuable time with the Ultimate Point Trimmer. This indispensable, inexpensive tool helps you trim seam allowances at points. Now you can quickly cut through 4 layers of any patch size or shape having a 45degree angle. Reduce bulk in seams, minimize show-through and align patches perfectly for machine piecing with the Point Trimmer.

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Add a Quarter  Quilt Ruler

Designed by Carolyn McCormick for CM Designs, this specially designed lip on this ruler automatically allows 1/4 inch seam allowance to any angle for your rotary cutter. Great to use when foundation piecing.

Strip Tube Ruler

The Strip Tube Ruler from Cozy Quilt Designs

X Block Ruler

X-Block Rulers
Designed by Patricia Pepe for Quilt Queen Designs. These rulers are designed to be placed on top of a specific block, matching the seams of the block with the lines on the ruler.  Cut around the block, then sew your new blocks together for intricate looking designs. Note:  this method assumes generous 1/4" seams.  Do a test block first to check the alignment of your seams to the lines of the tool before starting your project. Patterns using this ruler can be found here: Quilt Queen X Block Patterns

June Tailor Shape Cut Ruler

Shape Cut Slotted Ruler
For perfect cuts every time, the Shape Cut is the answer.  This sturdy plastic sheet is laser cut in ½" increments which holds your rotary cutter securely as you cut. You will cut perfectly measured strips that are parallel each time.  Also cuts squares, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, bias strips and fringe. Each Shape Cut comes with full instructions on use.

Watch the videoWatch the video on how to easily cut strips and squares.


June Tailor Shape Cut Plus Ruler

Shape Cut Plus Slotted Ruler
Six inches longer than the original Shape Cut, with an added 1/4" marking, this ruler will save you time on repetitive cuts.  Cut strips, squares, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, bias and fringe in 1/4 and 1/2 increments.

Watch the videoWatch the video on how to easily cut diamonds, hexagons and triangles.

Perfect Half Square & Quarter Square Triangles.

If you are a fan of the traditional way to make Half Square Triangle blocks, this ruler is for you. The ruler has a guide to mark the sewing and cutting line. Center your square on the 45-degree marking and square up the finished block. Piece two half- squares together to make perfect quarter-square triangle. It's a quick and easy way to make perfect half-square and quarter-square triangles.

Watch the videoWatch the video to see how easy it is.


Super 60  Quilt Ruler

The Super 60 is the most versatile Clearview Triangle. It is a complete 30 degree - 60 degree - 120 degree rotary cutting tool. Make faster cuts for 60-degree designs that include 120- degree triangles and diamonds by using the Super 60. Easily rotary cut any pattern that utilizes these angles. This ruler is made of 1/8" thick clear acrylic with black line marking every 1/8 inch.

Twister Ruler

Remember the fun you had twisting the night away to the sounds of Chubby Checker? You’ll have the same good time creating fabulous pinwheel projects with the Twister tool. Twister’s are new tools that have simplified an old technique with easy to follow instructions. With two sizes available, you can choose to use charm packs or layer cakes for your quilt project. The sky is the limit for projects that you can create with the Twister tool!

Watch the videoWatch the video to learn how to use this ruler


  • Itty Bitty Pinwheels PatternOrder the 1-1/2" square Itty Bitty Twister Ruler, which comes with a free pattern for the 10" square quilt to the right.  (Uses
    2-1/2" squares) for $10.00.
  • Order the 3-1/2" square Lil Twister Ruler for $9.85 (Uses Charm Pack or 5" Squares)
  • Order the 8" square Twister Ruler for $19.85 (Uses Layer Cakes or 10" squares)
  • Order the Let's Twist Book for $18.00 Featuring a dozen fun, fast and easy patterns using both the Lil' Twister and the Twister from aprons to tablerunners.

Twister Book

Halloween Twist Pattern for the Lil Twister Ruler Twisted Christmas Pattern for the Lil Twister Ruler Hearts Delight Kit and Pattern for the Lil Twister Ruler
Garland and Wreath pattern
10 Degree Mini WedgeTen Degree Mini Wedge

This Mini ten degree wedge tool makes 25" circles. The tool is made of 1/8th inch acrylic plastic and is silk screened with inch lines. To make a circle you'll need 36 wedges.  The tool includes reproducible circular graph paper and a complimentary tree skirt pattern.

Made by Phillips Fiber Art, the ten degree wedge used in the books, Quilts Without Corners.

Watch the videoWatch the video to learn how to use this ruler


10 Degree Square RulerTen Degree Extension Squared For Making A 54" Square

Add this extension to the ten degree wedge tool to make a square from a circle. The square is 54"x54".  The tool is marked to make squaring simple. The picture below is a scan of the back of the package.  Mouseover it to see it up close.

10 Degree Squared Extension Ruler

Binding Miter Tool

Makes mitered bindings on your quilts a snap! Comes with complete instructions for use.

Binding Template Tool

The Binding Tool Template Ruler is a must have tool for every quilter. When you finish the last seam of the binding only an angled seam will work to reduce the bulk of this last step. Two cuts and two measurements and you're on you way to a great finish. This tool makes a perfect ending every time. 2-1/2in x 8in

Sidekick Ruler

Sidekick Ruler

Cut 3 shapes in 4 sizes all from strips using the Sidekick Ruler. Cut diamonds, 60 degree triangles, and half triangles. Comes with full color instructions.


 Sidekick Ruler

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577

Rapid Fire Hunter Star Ruler

Rapid Fire Hunter Star Ruler

This ruler introduces an entirely new and streamlined method to make this complicated looking blook quickly and easily. The precision trimming results in ease and accuracy when making these traditionally difficult blocks. The instructions have clearly illustrated step by step instructions and design layout options. You can customize your project right from the beginning!

Available in two sizes:

Here is a video explaining this process:

Here is my class handout.  It uses screen shots from the above video so it helps to have watched the video first.  Use it to practice your technique.

Tucker Trimmer Ruler

Tucker Trimmer Ruler

This is the tool you must have for squaring up Half Square Triangle Blocks and Quarter Square Triangle Blocks. Not only does it have the lines to square up different sizes, but it also has lines on the diagonal to help you keep the block square using the seam. Genius! With this ruler, you will be able to quickly locate the exact center of pieced units. This makes trimming easy, precise, and perfect every time. No more figuring, or guessing, or struggling to find a center point.

Available in two sizes:

Here is a video explaining this process:

V Block Trimmer Ruler

V Block Ruler

This is a "Trim Down" ruler for one of quiltings most basic units, the V Block. One end is used for cutting the center and side triangles, and the other is for trimming down the units to the perfect size. Your seams will go directly from the corners into the center of the opposite seam. The ruler measures about 7" x 11" and can be used to make 11 different sizes.  Both right and left hand instructions are included for cutting and trimming.

Here is a video explaining the process:

These rulers can be ordered online at Quiltbug.com or by calling toll free 1-888-817-6577


Invisigrip holds the ruler to the fabric

Invisi-Grip Omnigrid

Invisi-grip is a clear, non-slip material that is applied to the underside of rulers, cutting mats and templates. It works!  12-1/2" x 1yd package. 


Glowline Tape from Omnigrid


Glowline Tape Omnigrid
A transparent and fluorescent tape for highlighting lines and shapes on rulers. GlowLine is low tack so it will not leave any residue on rulers. Three colors pink orange and yellow are packaged together in 1/4" x 21 yard rolls. GlowLine makes it easy to find measurements and shapes especially when rotary cutting repetitive pieces.

  • Order Glowline Tape for $4.29.  This notion can be shipped first class.
Fabric Sandpaper Grips

Sandpaper GripsCorral those slippery rulers!  This package contains 36ct small, fine, adhesive sandpaper circles. Applied to the corners of rulers to hold firmly in place when rotary cutting. You can also use this to hold templates when marking seam allowances on fabric. 

Order Sandpaper Grips for $3.49.  


Q-Tools Cutting Edge

No more wasted fabric! Make rotary cutting easier, accurate, and less time consuming. These 3/8" x 9" reusable vinyl edge strips adhere to the bottom of any smooth acrylic ruler (No sticky tape!). The thickness creates an edge that stops at the fabric. Cut with confidence and consistency. 10 strips in each package, can also be used for marking lines areas to be fussy cut. Click here to view a tutorial using Q Tools.

Watch the videoWatch the video on how to use this product.

Gypsy Pin Pal

Gypsy Magnetic Pin Pal

Features hook & loop closure to securely fit around any size wrist. Contains four sets of four magnets to insure magnetic hold completely around wrist. Great for quilting as keeps pins and safety pins close at hand. Dropped pins on the floor -simply sweep hand over the floor and pick up pins instantly. Click on the picture thumbnail to see it up close.

Gypsy Cutting Gizmo

Gypsy Cutting GizmoThe Gizmo is the extra hand you always need when separating chain-pieced segments of your quilt tops. It stands steady on your table, allowing you to safely cut chained pieces by holding the fabric with both hands and slipping the chain into the slot on top of the Gizmo. Quickly and safely cut apart your chain-pieced segments with this handy cutter. Just hold the fabric with both hands and slip the chain into the slot on top of the Gizmo. The rubberized bottom allows the 2" D x 4-5/8" W x 5-3/8" H Cutting Gizmo to stand steady on your work surface.

Little Gypsy Gripper

The Little Gripper
Fussy cutting small squares?  Don't risk a nick!  This gripper's single suction cup will work with smooth surface rulers and templates under 4in wide. Use it on all small rulers and templates.

Small but mighty, The Little Gripper is 2-3/4" wide and 2-3/4" tall, and weighs in at just 2-1/4 ounces. It is made of durable plastic, is washable and water proof.

Have you noticed a gypsy theme?  Perhaps our gypsy quilter can predict what kind of quilter you are.  Click here to learn more.

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