Notions to Chenille Fabric

Chenille - to make your own chenille, layer 4 to 8 layers of fabric (cotton, flannel, rayon or silk) with the brightest and boldest fabric on top. Do not prewash. Spray baste between each layer, or pin baste when you are done.

Mark a diagonal line on the bias crossing the center of this piece. Using your walking foot, stitch all layers along that line, then stitch 1/4" to 5/8" on either side (alternating sides as you go) until the entire piece is quilted.

Carefully cut between the lines, without cutting the bottom layer of fabric, using shears, a slash cutter, or a specially designed mat with your rotary cutter. Square it up if necessary.

To make the chenille bloom once it has been slashed, throw it in the washer then the dryer. (Lint alert!) Be sure to staystitch the edges first if the piece is unfinished. To vary things next time, try a wavy line or try placing a motif on the top layer. No need to appliqué it, the stitching will hold it in place.