Fun Stuff!

Need help from a quilter? This page lists free articles and how-to information on a number of quilt related topics, including quilting and sewing tips, terms and techniques for the beginning quilter. There is a few not-so-serious articles in here, too:-)) These links will open in a new window.

A Quilted Halloween Story
Can you discover the secret?

Are you a fabraholic?
Do you hoard fabric? You might be a fabriholic!

Behind every great quilter, there's a....
My thanks to the shop fans on Facebook for these terrific answers!

Burma Shave
Do you remember the verse by the side of the road?

Chincoteague Ponies
The wild ponies of the barrier islands off Virginia

Hoppy Easter
Jokes, puns and cartoons for quilters

How to know you are living in 2009
Just in case you weren't sure...

Just what kind of a quilter are you?
Our gypsy quilter can tell you!

Murphy's Laws for Quilters
Did you know Murphy had a set of law just for quilters? Here they are!

Quick and Easy Gifts
Need a last minute gift idea for a quilter? Here is a short list with quick and easy ideas.

Quilt Games
Looking for something to break the ice at your next meeting? Here are game ideas.

Quilters Survival Basket
Need a gift basket for that special quilter in your life, or a retreat treat? Here it is!

Quilty Sayings, Dedications and Poems
Here are quilting related sayings for use in your guild newsletter or quilt labels.

Stain Removal Guide
(just kidding)

Ten Commandments of Posting to Lists (chat groups)
Some basic E-mail guidelines for chat groups.

Ten Commandments for Quilters
It may not be chiseled in stone, but pay attention to these guidelines!

You know you are a quilter when...