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169 Main St, Box 273
Esperance NY 12066

We are on the border of Schoharie and Schenectady County
Ph: (888) 817-6577
or (518) 875-9400

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Store Hours
M - F:  10 - 5
Sat: 10 - 3
(classes may run later)

We are a member of the Schoharie County chamber of Commerce
We are a member of the Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce

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Free Quilt Block Links

Names beginning with B

This links go to other sites. Click on the blue underlined link to go to those sites.

Click on the picture of the block to go to a page where the fabric is sold.

More Quilt Block Links:

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Free Quilt Block Link Baby Bud
  Baby's Blocks
Baby Bunting
  Bachelor Bouquet
  Bachelor Bouquet
Bachelor's Puzzle
Balkan Puzzle
  Balkan Puzzle
Ball and Chain


Barrister's Block

Basket 1

  Basket of eggs
  Basket of Oranges
Bear's Paw
Beautiful Star
Beggar Block
  Basket, tulip
Basket of Chips
Basket of Lilies
Baton Rouge
  Baton Rouge
  Baton Rouge
Beacon Lights (paper piecing)
Beacon Lights Variation
  Beacon Star
  Bear's Foot
  Bear’s Paw
  Bear’s Paw

Bear's Paw

Bear Paw
  Bear Paw

Bear Paw

  Bear Paw Variation
  Bear Paw Variation
Bear Tracks
  Bears Foot
  Beautiful Star
Bees and Fields
Beggar's Block
Beginner's Choice

Beginner's Choice

Beginner's Delight
  Beginner's Delight
  Beginner's Joy

Berry Basket

  Best of All
Betty's Delight
  Big Basket
  Big Dipper
Bird of Paradise (paper piecing)
  Birdhouse 1
  Birdhouse 2
  Birdhouse 3
  Birdhouse 4
  Birdhouse 5
  Bird House
Birds in Flight (paper piecing)
Birds In The Air
  Birds In Air
  Birds in the Air
  Birds in the Air
  Bird’s Nest
  Birds Nest
  Bird's Nest
Blazing Star
Broken Dishes
Burgoyne's Quilt
Birthday Cake
Blackford's Beauty
Blazed Trail
Blazing Arrows
  Blazing Star
  Blazing Star  
Blindman's Fancy
  Blindmans Fancy  
  Blindman's Fancy
  Blocks and Bars  
Blocks and Stars (paper piecing)
  Blooming Hearts
Blue Star Banner Quilt Pattern Blue Star Banner ( Armed Services Flag)
  Boat, Sail
  Boat, Sail
  Boat, Sail
  Boat, Sail
  Boat, Schooner
  Boat, Tug

Boats at Sea 


Bonnie Scotsman 

  Books 1
  Books 2
  Boot, Baby
Borrow and Lend
  Boston Star
  Bottle, Perfume
Bouncing Betty


Bouquet in a Fan (paper piecing)
Bow (paper piecing)
Bow Tie
  Bow Tie
  Bow Tie

Bow Tie

( Mini) Bow Tie
Box Quilt
  Box Quilt Pattern

Boxy Stars

  Boys Nonsense  
  Braced Star  
Braced Star Variation One
Braced Star Variation Two
Brasstown Star
Bread Basket
Breeches (a.k.a. Britches)

Bricks & Stepping Stones


Bricks and Cobblestones 

Bridal Path
Bright Hopes

Bright Hopes

Broken Arrows
(The) Broken Branch (paper piecing)

Broken Branch

  Broken Dishes
  Broken Star
Box Kite
  Broad Arrow
  Broken Dish
  Broken Dishes
Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes

Broken Dishes Variation
Broken Heart (paper piecing)
Broken Irish Chain
Broken Path (paper piecing)
Broken Sugar Bowl
Broken Wheel
  Broken Wheel
Broken Wheel Variation
Buckeye Beauty

Buckeye Beauty

  Buckeye Beauty
Buckwheat (paper piecing)

Bug Jar


Bug Jar  Duo

Burgoyne Surrounded
Buzzard's Roost
Buzzsaw (paper piecing)



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