Catching the Muse

Unleashing your own creativity to create
a quilt design that represents your unique style.

All pictures are thumbnails. Click on them to see them close up.

Human beings are born with the ability to imagine. We can daydream, we can pretend, we can wish. We have the unique ability of being able to envision the path we need to take to make our wish into reality. This is called creativity and it is something we all have.

So how do we tap our creative side and translate that into design? First, accept the fact that the act of creation is a journey of many steps, but there is no step-by-step manual. There are no rules to follow. Flashes of inspiration take lots of hard work!

Start by paying attention to your moments of inspiration. Sometimes we get so caught up in the workaday world, we just don’t see what is in front of us. Look for inspiration in:

Fabric. Okay, that’s obvious, but sometimes the fabric will tell us what it wants to become. Or it will suggest the direction it wants to take, which may not be our preference, but you can’t argue with fabric. It doesn’t listen. Wild Friends and Blackbird Pie (below) were made to take advantage of a motif in a fabric. St James Star (below right) was also made to highlight a idea - the setting triangles were fussy cut to create a frame around the quilt. Click on the picture thumbnails to see them up close.