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A Little Bit Shorter Tall Tree

Don't be folled this 17 X 41 wall hanging is bound to add a special touch to any wall!

TGI-Friday Afternoon sewing

A relaxing class for TGIF sewing--get those PHD's and WISP's moving. Help with any questions or problems you have. Bring your projects and Tamara will lead you through to completion

Beginners Combo

This class is a combination of Basic Beginners and Beginners and Beyond. As beginners finish the classes offered them they can continue to the more advanced stages of quilting techniques and various quilt blocks. Since each student is encouraged to progress at their own pace, everyone will be at different points of learning. Everyone shares their own piecing experiences, conundrums and in turn discovers that we all make mistakes and we work our way through them. Students can join at any time as this is an on going class.

Nov 25
Open Sew Monday
Nov 26
Tuesday's with Sherrie
Nov 26
Open Sew Tuesday