Fabric Calculator

This is a great little calculator to estimate how much quilt material you will need if you are creating your own quilt. Just input the information requested and click on the Calculate button. Always buy just-a-little-bit more to allow for miscalculations and cutting mistakes. There is no such thing as too much fabric!

If you aren't sure how big to make your quilt, see our chart of standard mattress, pillow and quilt sizes at the bottom of this page. There is even a pattern for making a "hot dog" pillowcase with all seams enclosed!

Here is a chart of standard mattress sizes and likely quilt sizes. The actual size of a quilt will vary depending on the drop (how much hangs over the edge, usually 21") and the pillow tuck, as well as personal preference. Pillows can vary in size, too. A standard size pillowcase is usually 20" x 26", a queen size is usually 20" x 30" and a king size is 20" x 36". A pillowcase made with all seams enclosed (the "hot dog" method) is quick and easy, and makes a great gift. Here are free directions in PDF form.

Standard Sizes
  Size of
Size of
of Pillow
Crib/Baby 27" x 52"  36" x 48"  
Lap    60" x 60" Square Decorative
Twin/Daybed 39" x 78"  81" x 110" Standard
College Twin 39" x 80"  81" x 115" Stardard
Waterbed Twin 48" x 84"  90" x 120" Standard
Full/Double 54" x 75"  96" x 110" Standard
Queen 60" x 80" 102" x 115" Queen
California King 72" x 84" 120" x 120" King