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Quilt Games

Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Quilters - Fun Stuff!

All Shook Up

Each team must unscramble quilt block names

Alphabet Challenge
Quilters choose a letter either randomly, or a letter that matches their first or last name.  Their challenge is to make a block using a color name (or block name) that starts with that letter.  See also the Paint Chip Challenge and the Crayon Challenge


A word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. For example, Pecan Hint to Nine Patch.  You can play with anagrams here on the Wordsmith site. 

Baskets of Fun

Make up little baskets with slips of paper in them, then collect these items:

1 Bag - To help you keep it all together
1 Bandaid......To heal hurt feelings 
1 Button.....To close your mouth before saying an unkind word. 
1 Candy Kiss....to remind you everyone needs T.L.C.
1 Candy Hug - Because we all need hugs & kisses 
1 Candle - to remind you to share your light with others 
1 Cotton Ball - for the rough roads ahead
1 Earplug - To remind you to tune out the negative 
1 Eraser - everyone makes mistakes and it's O.K.  Every day you can start over.  
1 Happy Face - smiling not only increases your face value, but it's contagious
1 Lifesaver - To remind you that many times you or others need help
1 Marbles - To remind you to keep rolling along (in case you lose yours)
1 Match - To light your fire when you feel burned out
1 Mint.....Because you are worth a mint. 
1 Pencil - To remind you to keep sharp 
1 Recipe - to make when you want to do something special for someone special
1 Rubber Band - To remind you to be flexible and bind us in friendship
1 Sandpaper.....To sand off the rough edges of people around you. 
1 Smartie - To help you on those days when you don't feel so smart 
1 Snickers - To remind you to take time out to laugh
1 Star.....Because everyone is good at something.
1 Starburst - To give you a burst of energy on those days when you don't have any
1 Stick of Gum - To remind you to stick with it
1 Sweet & Sour Candy - to help you accept and appreciate the differences in others
1 Sweet Tart - Remember, there are sweet and tart things in everything we do
1 Toothpick - To remind you to pick out the good qualities
1 Tissue....To dry the tears of a friend who is hurting.
1 Tootsie Roll - To remind you not to bite off more than you can chew

Block Draw

Guild members make a block using the pattern given out the previous month. When they turn in the block, they are given a ticket for each block. The winner of all the blocks is chosen from the tickets.  The more blocks made, the better the chances.

Color Challenge

Each team has to match colors with descriptions

Cookies for Santa - a Holiday game

Each person brings a wrapped quilt related gift. The group stands or sits in a circle and someone reads the following story. The gifts are passed LEFT or RIGHT as word is said. When the game ends, open the gift you have!

Mr & Mrs WRIGHT woke up early on the day before Christmas. Mrs. WRIGHT planned to bake some cookies for Santa's visit. She told Mr WRIGHT, "I want to have just the RIGHT cookie for Santa when he comes tonight."

She looked in the pantry and discovered that she had no sugar LEFT. "Mr. WRIGHT," Mrs. WRIGHT cried, "I have no sugar LEFT in my pantry. I need some to bake just the RIGHT cookie for Santa. Will you go to the store to get some for me?"

Mr. WRIGHT said, "You're RIGHT. I'll go RIGHT now." And he LEFT immediately.

Mrs. WRIGHT began to prepare her cookie batter. When she reached for the sack of flour, she saw there was only a little flour LEFT...not nearly enough to make her cookies. "Oh dear," said Mrs. WRIGHT. "Mr WRIGHT just LEFT for the store. He will not like to have to go back again." Mrs. WRIGHT quickly LEFT her baking and called the grocer. "This is Mrs WRIGHT. My husband, Mr. WRIGHT just LEFT to get some sugar at your store. I just discovered I don't have enough flour LEFT for my cookies. Will you tell him to buy some flour too?"

"Oh Mars WRIGHT," the grocer said, "Mr WRIGHT just LEFT with your sugar. In fact, he bought the only sack we had LEFT on the shelf. I'll try to catch him RIGHT quick so he can bring your flour too. We have plenty of that LEFT."

Just then Mr WRIGHT drove up with the sack of sugar. "Here Mrs. WRIGHT. This is the only sack they had LEFT."

"Oh Mr WRIGHT," said Mrs WRIGHT. "I don't have enough flour LEFT to bake Santa's cookies. I tried to catch you at the grocers but you had already LEFT."

"Oh no," said Mr WRIGHT. "I'll go RIGHT back." And he LEFT immediately.

Mrs WRIGHT turned RIGHT around and went back into her kitchen. Suddenly she realized she had not bought any butter for the cookies either. "Oh my," she exclaimed, "How can I bake the RIGHT cookie for Santa without butter!"

She called the grocer again and asked him to tell Mr WRIGHT to bring butter too.

Fortunately, Mr WRIGHT had not LEFT the store yet. When he returned home, Mrs. WRIGHT said, "Bring in the flour and butter RIGHT now so I can bake Santa's cookies."

Mr WRIGHT began carrying lots of bags into the kitchen. "All RIGHT, what's all this?" said Mrs WRIGHT.

"Well," said Mr WRIGHT, "I didn't want to have to go back to the store again so besides your flour and butter I bought all the cookies the grocer had LEFT. That way Santa is sure to have the RIGHT cookie."

Crayon Challenge

Quilters choose a crayon (or crayons) without looking.  Their challenge is to make a block using primarily that color (or colors.) See also the Paint Chip Challenge and the Alphabet Challenge

Cross Quilting

 Each team will have 5-10 minutes to locate all the quilt words in a  word search puzzle. To make this more challenging, do not use a key on the page!

Don't Say That!

Each person will be given a safety pin on entering the room. The object is to end up with the most pins.  You get pins by catching another person saying the forbidden word  - pick something it's hard to avoid like quilt or rotary . When someone catches you saying the word, you have to give up your pin.  Points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest number of pins. 

Frog Stitch Wizard

a race to be the first quilter to "reverse" stitch a "bad" block. a great way to get your rippppit done by someone else.<GBG>

Hidden picture

Each team gets a picture of a quilt - tons of blocks - they must find the named blocks in the least amount of time.

How many blocks?

Each team will be assigned THREE letters. They will have 5 minutes to write down as many block names as they can that begin with that letter. Barbara Brackman's book will be used as the "dictionary."

Name It

A tray full of quilty items the winner is the one who can name the most after looking for 1 or 2 minutes. No note taking allowed!  a variation put several "not sharp" items in a bag tell what they are
just by touch.

Name that Quilt Block!

Pack a sewing basket

All groups play - group lasting longest wins. Name an item in a sewing basket, next person says that item, plus a new one. When a person can't remember, they drop out. Winner 4 points, next to last 3 points.

Paint Chip Challenge

Quilters choose three paint chip samples that begin with their three initials and then choose fabrics that match the paint chips.  (Or you could use the sample paint cards that show sets of coordinated paint chip colors.) They had to use the three fabrics in a quilt or block.

Putting it Together

Each team gets an envelope with construction paper block pieces. Every team tries to put together as many blocks in 10 minutes as they can. Most blocks wins - 4 points, 3 point, 2 points. Two point bonus for using all the blocks.

Quilt Bingo 

This is a fund raising event to which other guilds and the public can be invited.  Tickets are sold to a certain amount of bingo games. The prizes are wall quilts or other relatively high appeal prizes that have been donated by the members and/or local shops. There are usually at least one raffle, too - this is a good place to sell tickets for the raffle quilt!  The sponsoring guild sells refreshments, sandwiches, pizza, snacks, baked goods and any other goodies. If small donations are received, they can be used as door prizes. 

Whose got the quilt bug?  The leader of this game puts a small clothespin on someone in the room without their knowledge.  Later she rings a bell and everyone has to hunt for the bug.  (If the person discovers it in the meantime, they secretly put it on someone else.)  The person found with it draws a slip of paper from the task bag. She would then have to perform the task which might be pressing for anyone in the room for 5 minutes, being a sewing slave for 5 minutes, helping anyone "unsew" for 5 minutes, performing the hokey-pokey, shouting "I love quilting!" 3 times, etc. Upon completion of the task, they choose from the prize basket - notions, patterns, etc that were donated. 


Quilters bingo.  Choose numbers under the word q-u-i-l-t.  Sometimes we have Quilty Bingo. Local fabric shops might donate prizes if you promise them you will mention them over and over! Also have everyone bring in a quilty something old or new (but what they would want in return) and then have a Blind Auction.... they bring  it in wrapped (everyone might not go home with something, its a gamble) and you can do it one or two ways, have everyone walk around chinese auction style and put in tickets that they have bought, or just hold up each wrapped item, shake it a bit, tell how heavy and do an actual auction with live bids.. it is also a good way to raise some money for your guild.  Quilto can be purchased commercially at www.Quilto.com  or by E-mailing Trudy4quilto@aol.com  

Quilt Pictionary

Need tripod and newspaper pad - each person draws the name of a block and then must make her team members guess the block by drawing things that make them say the words. Play with two teams of 5 each. Each member takes one turn. Each team that wins its "heat" gets one point. The team with the best overall time gets a 2 point bonus.

Rotary Race

Each team will choose one person to cut strips - fabric will be provided and strips will be cut at 2". They will cut for 5 minutes. Inaccurate strips will be disqualified. These strips will be used for rail fence, etc. Points: 5, 4, 3

Scavenger Hunt

Each team will get a list when they come in. They must collect either/both items and signatures of people with items or information. First completed sheet turned in to judge wins 4 points, 2nd sheet. 3 points, 3rd sheet, 2 points. You can use items such as a chatelaine, brass thimble, red thread, person wearing contact lenses, person with more than 3 children, person who has lived in more than 2 countries outside of US, etc. If you want to theme the hunt (for example, Christmas), use items like a fat quarter of christmas fabric or any red or green, a spool of red or green thread, etc.  To make this more fun, each list will have one "ringer" item that we plant somewhere in the room.  

To make this the ice-breaker type, use search terms like   "Someone that has 4 children", "Has lived in more than 5 states", Owns 3 sewing machines", "Has Blonde hair and Blue Eyes", etc. 

Sew and Slice

3 members of each team will work to sew strips from Rotary Race in sets of 4, then cut apart in 6 1/2" units. When time is up, most units wins 5 points, 2nd 4 points, 3rd, 3 points.

Sew it!

a race to be the first to get a block sewn by hand from already cut pieces.

Steal this gift!

Everybody brings a wrapped gift. Then each person draws a number from 1 to whatever. #1 picks a present and unwraps it, then #2 can either unwrap a new present or steal from #1. If your present gets stolen, you get to make another choice.  The game continues until all the presents are given out. 

Still Crazy

One member from each group will sew foundation crazy squares. One with most blocks made after 1 hour wins 5 points, second place 4 points. Third place 3 points

Strip Poker

Played with cards, but the betting money is strips of fabric.  Doesn't have to be poker, or even a full card game.  Try a high card draw, or slapjack with the winner getting all the strips on the table. 

Thimble relay

Each team will pick 4 members to form a relay team. The object is to walk with a spoon containing a thimble without dropping thimble. 

Thimble Toss

Get a churn or other suitable container and have teams toss thimble from a line 2-4 feet away.  Or drop thimble into open bottle (like clothespins into milk bottle).


Each team choose ONE person to thread needles - needles are threaded into same spool - How many needles threaded in TWO minutes? 

Or... thread the entire package of needles onto the one spool of thread. Each team member threads one needle and passes it on to the next person. The team to get all the needles on the quickest wins a prize.

Ugly Fabric Dare

Everyone contributes 1 yard of an ugly fabric.  The yard is passed around while music is played.  When the music stops, everyone must rip the yard they have in half and pass the half yard on when the music starts up again.  The game continues until the last piece is 4" x 4".  By this time, everyone has a lot of different fabrics in a lot of different sizes.  The "dare" is to make something of it!

Under the Big Top

Each group will get a batch of blocks. They are already trimmed to 10 1/2" . They will be told how to assemble their blocks (5x7) into a top and the first group to finish wins 

Who Wrote it?

Each group gets a list of books and authors - they have 5 minutes to match them up. 

Who's Watching?

A bonus game for the attentive.  A selection of items will be on display at the registration table.  Later, people will be asked to write down as many as they remember OR several large items will be on display at front of room all morning.  At lunch, remove one item.  After lunch, ask who can identify the missing item.