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We are a member of the Schoharie County chamber of Commerce
We are a member of the Schoharie County Chamber of Commerce

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Machine Quilting Basics

Machine quilting your top is a time honored tradition that goes back to the days of the treadle.  Sewing machines were expensive - if you had one, you made sure to show it off.  You might hand piece the quilt top, since the stitches didn't show, but machine quilt the top where the stitches DID show. 

Today we are more likely to machine quilt a top to both save time and allow for creative expression.  Machine quilting is not difficult but it does take some practice.  You don't need to buy a fancy machine to machine quilt.  All machines will work, although some are easier to use than others.  The larger the opening between the needle and the side of the machine, the easier it will be to machine quilt large quilts.  This is a good thing, actually.  It gives the machine motor time to cool while you are adjusting the quilt.

There are two types of machine quilting: 

Video on Machine Quilting
Watch the video on machine quilting

Helpful hints:


Video on Machine Quilting
Watch Pat's video on machine quilting




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