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Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Quilters

Need help from a quilter? This page lists free articles and how-to information on a number of quilt related topics, including quilting and sewing tips, terms and techniques for the beginning quilter. There is a few not-so-serious articles in here, too:-))

Applique Techniques and Tips
These tips will have you appliquéing like a pro in no time! Here are tips for both hand and machine appliqué by needle-turn, freezer paper, fusible and more.

Applique using Fusible Web
Just learning fusible applique? Here are some tips and techniques to make this quick method a bit easier. Lots of inspirational pictures!

Burma Shave
Do you remember the verse by the side of the road?

Adding a border
You have finished your quilt top. Now how do you decide what borders to add? Here are some guidelines for choosing the perfect straight, pieced, mitered or scalloped border and methods for creating it. An illustrated two-part article.

Binding Basics
This article answers the questions, "What is the difference between straight grain, cross grain and bias binding? How do I apply them and what do I do about the corners?"

Binding Charts - Calculate the amount of fabric needed to bind a quilt.
This is a handy chart to print and save. It gives both bias binding and straight grain binding fabric requirements for various size quilts.

Calculate the amount of fabric needed in a quilt.
Answering the age old question, "How much fabric do I need for my quilt?" This is a great little calculator to estimate how much quilt material you will need if you are creating your own quilt If you aren't sure how big to make your quilt, there is also a chart of standard mattress, pillow and quilt sizes and a free pattern for making a "hot dog" pillowcase with all seams enclosed.

Catching the Muse
Unleashing your own creativity to create a quilt design that represents your unique style.

Challenge Yourself
Stretch those quilting wings! Here are some tips for getting out of your comfort zone one small step at a time.

Chincoteague Ponies
The wild ponies of the barrier islands off Virginia

Choosing the Perfect Sewing Machine
Tips for choosing the machine for you, including a list of questions for your dealer to print out and take with you.

Color in Quilts
What makes one quilt sing and another just hum? Here is a three part article on choosing the color and fabric that will make your quilt special.

Coloring a Crayon Quilt
This surprisingly ordinary method makes an extraordinary quilt.

Copyright Concerns
Respecting the talent of those who share their creations keeps them designing.

Demonstrations on Video
Tips, tricks and techniques explained on videos.

Easy Prairie Points
Prarie Points are a great way to call attention to the border of a quilt - and they can be used as an accent inside the quilt, too! Here are several ways to make them and ideas for using them.

Establishing a Quilt Guild

Fabric Postcards - 4 x 6 Works of Art
Fiber Art you can mail!

Are you a fabraholic?

Fleece Facts - How to Sew with Fleece

Foundation by the Yard
Learn how to use Foundation by the Yard fabric while making this clever table runner from the Hunter Star foundation.

Half Square Triangle Blocks
The Half Square Triangle Block is one of the basic building blocks used in making quilts. As you might expect, there are many, many different methods to make those blocks. This tutorial shows you 20 of the most common methods with links to more information on video. Charts are included for several methods. Methods covered go from traditional (with helpful notions) to innovative. 8 different rulers are shown as well as 3 different paper piecing methods and even some out-of-box ideas.

Hanging your Quilt
This article explains how to make and attach a hanging sleeve to a quilt.

Home Machine Quilting Systems

How to know you are living in 2009
Just in case you weren't sure...

How to Chenille Fabric

How to make a Baby Blocks quilt with no Y seams
Use your 60 degree ruler to take your quilt making into a new dimension!

How to read a Quilt Pattern
Here is the key to understanding the secret language used in quilt patterns.

How to tie a quilt

How to use Bubble Jet Set to put photos on fabric
Use this chemical to treat cotton, flannel and fleece in quantity for fabric transfer.

How to whitelist an address so you receive bulk E-mail (for example, a newsletter or a shipping confirmation)

Improving the performance of your PC

Inexpensive program ideas for your guild

Introducing your New Computer

Just what kind of a quilter are you?

Labeling your quilt - How to make a quilt label
A quilt isn't finished until it is labeled. Here is the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of making a quilt label.

Length Equivalents
Converting Metric measurements to Imperial and vice-versa.

Machine Quilting Basics

Making a Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear - Using old quilt blocks in new settings.

Microwave Heating Bags

Murphy's Laws for Quilters

Organize your Quilting Space

Putting it in Perspective: The Symbolism of Underground Railroad quilts

Preparing wool items for storage

Photo Transfer Tips and Projects/Printing on Fabric

Q-Tips (Quilt tips) and Quilt Tricks
Submitted by our readers!

Quality makes a difference!
Here is how to choose the best fabric for your quilt.

Quick and Easy Gifts - see also Quilters Survival Basket

How to make a quilt in a pillow

Quilt Games
Looking for something to break the ice at your next meeting? Here are games and program ideas.

Quilt Terms

A Quilted Halloween Story
Can you discover the secret?

Quilty Sayings, Dedications and Poems
Here are quilting related sayings for use in your guild newsletter or quilt labels.

Redwork Tips

Repair, Restore, Conserve - what to do with an old quilt and how to do it.

Save your money for quilt fabric! Here are great tips for using everyday items in original ways to save time and money in quilting.

Setting a Quilt or Block on Point
We've done the math for you! Here are the sizes and methods of setting a quilt block on point.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Paper Piecing
Okay, maybe they are deadly, but mistakes are sure annoying! Here is how to avoid them and become a Perfect Paper Piecing Person.

Sewing Machine Needle Primer
Which sewing machine needle do you use for your project? Here is how to choose the correct needle for everything you do.

Stain Removal Guide (just kidding)

Stain Removal Guide (seriously)

T-shirt Quilts

Ten Commandments of Posting to Lists (chat groups)

Ten Commandments for Quilters

Thread Theory
There are so many different types of thread available! How do you choose which one is right for your project? Read this article on choosing fabric for your project - and your sewing machine. This two part article includes a listing of Threads and Their Uses, listing threads by type, characteristics and recommended uses.

"Tie"ing Up Loose Ends - Using Men's Ties
Ideas for using mens ties in quilts and other creative sewing and craft projects.

Using the Internet with Windows - I bet you find at least one tip here you didn't know!

Videos - need help from a quilter? Here is a list of technique videos made by different authors to answer your questions.

What price freedom?

Who wrote Taps?

You know you are a quilter when...